Facts about Aphrodite

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Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses - Fun Facts about Aphrodite
Interesting, short facts about Aphrodite with pictures, mythological information and legends

Mythical Facts about Aphrodite for kids
Discover interesting information and fun facts about Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of the goddess of beauty, love, sexuality, passion and desire. The fun facts about Aphrodite for kids provides a list detailing fascinating information to increase your knowledge about Aphrodite in Greek Mythology.

Fun Facts about Aphrodite
Discover the legends and myths and religious beliefs surrounding the famous Greek goddess of love and beauty with these fast, fun facts about Aphrodite, intriguing information about all of the ancient gods and goddesses and the mythical creatures and monsters that feature in their legends are also available via:

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Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

Interesting Facts about Aphrodite - Pictures of Aphrodite
Our fast facts and information about the Greek goddess Aphrodite are brought to life with some interesting pictures depicting her role in various myths and legends of the ancient Greeks.

Picture of Aphrodite and her lover, Ares

Aphrodite and her lover, Ares

Mythical Facts about Aphrodite for Kids
Fact 1: She was the goddess of beauty, love, sexuality, passion and desire

Fact 2: Although she was married to Hephaestus she had many lovers who included Ares, Dionysus, Hermes, Adonis, Poseidon, Nerites, Anchises, Butes, Phaon and Phaethon

Fact 3: She was one of the 12 Olympian gods who resided on the summit of Mount Olympus. Her Roman counterpart was called Venus

Fact 4: Dione was one of the Oceanides, a descendent of the Titans, and a lover of Zeus, they had a daughter, Aphrodite the goddess of love and was the mother of Eros, god of love

Fact 5: Her son Eros was often depicted carrying a hare, as a symbol of unquenchable desire.

Fact 6: She offered Eros a unique ball as a gift if he would do her bidding. She said the it was as good as any gift he could get from Hephaestus

Famous picture of the Birth of Venus (Aphrodite) by Botticelli

Famous picture of the Birth of Venus by Botticelli

Fact 7: Her Greek name Aphrodite, gave us the word "aphrodisiac"

Fact 8: Her Latin name Venus, gave us the word "venereal"
Fact 9: Her skin was said to be 'whiter than ivory', her hair as golden as the yellow rays of the setting sun and her eyes were as blue as the summer sky

Fact 10: She and Ares were the parents of Phobos (fear), Deimos (terror), Harmonia (harmony), Eros (love) Himeros (desire), Pothos (passion), and Anteros (mutual love)

Fact 11: In the legend of the Golden Apple of Discord Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all claimed to be the fairest goddess. Paris, the Prince of Troy, awarded it to Aphrodite beginning a chain of events that led to the Trojan War.

Fact 12: She ordered Psyche to go to the regions of Hades in the Under-world, and ask Proserpine, the consort of Hades for a box of precious ointment.

Aphrodite and Pygmalion

Picture of Aphrodite and Pygmalion

Fact 13: She and Hephaestus had no children together, but both had children with other lovers

Fact 14: She featured in a myth referred to as the 'Deception of Zeus' in which Hera, the Queen of the gods, enlists the help of the goddess to make her beautiful in preparation for seducing Zeus.

Fact 15: In another famous legend Aphrodite cast a spell on Pasiphae, the wife of King Minos. The spell caused Pasiphae to fall in love with a bull and the result of this union was the monstrous Minotaur, a man-eating monster with the head of a bull on the body of a man. The Minotaur was eventually killed by Theseus.

Fact 16: Pygmalion, a sculptor, made a statue that was more beautiful than any woman that had ever lived. He prayed to the goddess to change his statue into a real woman and she granted his wish.

Fact 17: Handsome Adonis was one of the lovers of the goddess and was hated by the god Ares who caused his death. In the legend of Adonis every drop of blood that fell from his wounds became a red rose

Mythical Facts about Aphrodite for Kids

Adonis and Aphrodite

Picture of Adonis and Aphrodite

Fun Facts about Aphrodite - Pictures of Aphrodite
Whilst checking out the facts about Aphrodite its a good idea to have an impression of what the goddess Aphrodite might have looked like. Images, pictures and representations of the goddess of love and beauty are found in the ancient sculptures, mosaics, paintings, pictures, pottery and vases that were made in ancient times. Other artists of later periods have also produced some wonderful pictures depicting their ideas of what the most beautiful goddess might have looked like. In Greek Art this Olympian goddess was often illustrated with images and pictures representing the attributes and symbols associated with her. Look at the pictures of her and see if you can identify any symbols associated with this famous Olympian goddess which are the the dolphin, rose, pomegranate, scallop shell, pearl, mirror and girdle.

Names of Greek Gods and Goddesses

Facts about Aphrodite - Olympian Gods Family Tree & Genealogy
These interesting facts about Aphrodite cannot be complete without the Olympian Gods Family Tree and the genealogy of these ancient deities.

Greek Gods Family Tree & Genealogy

Mythical Facts about Aphrodite for kids
We hope that you have enjoyed discovering interesting information and facts about Aphrodite. A fast educational resource for homework help containing short, fast, easy, strange, random, fun, odd, cool, bizarre, amazing and awesome facts about Aphrodite! Fascinating, fun information to increase your knowledge about Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty in Greek Mythology.

Facts about Aphrodite

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  • Fast information and interesting fun facts about Aphrodite for kids
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  • Interesting fun Facts about Aphrodite for kids

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